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Circular Sock Knitting Machine (CSM) - Refurbished / as-is

Circular Sock Knitting Machine (CSM) - Refurbished / as-is

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**These machines might be a little dinged, wonky looking or used, BUT they work none-the-less. They are sold AS-IS and are final sale. Our warranty still applies. Additional discounts cannot be applied** Make sure to watch all videos and look at all photos before purchase.

Our very own design, 3D printed into reality. To see the machine in action follow our journey on Instagram:

This Sock Knitting Machine was designed for ease of use. With quick-removable cams, yarn guide and row counter, you have full unimpeded access to every needle without any extra complicated steps, tools or machine disassembly. The machine can be clamped onto the edge of a table or desk for usage and easily removed and stored once finished. For those with dedicated craft spaces, the machine offers the option of being bolted down instead of clamped. The machine is modular and upgradable, too! 

Although they are helpful to have on hand the setup bonnets, weights and other accessories are available for purchase separately. If you would like a different size of cylinder, they are also available to purchase separately, just make sure you order extra needles so you have enough!

The recommended yarn weight to use with our machine is a fingering/sock weight.

Everything else you need to get started comes in the box:

  • 1 Sock Knitting Machine.
  • 1 table mount adapter (for use with clamps).
  • 3 cylinders (48, 54, and 60 needle variants).
  • 1 cylinder spring.
  • 60 compound needles (plus 3 spares).
  • 1 digital row counter with mount (battery not included).
  • 2 clamps.
  • 1 loom pick.
  • 1 crochet hook.
  • 1 latch hook.
  • 1 needle lifter.
  • 1 measuring tape.
  • 1 ruler.
  • 1 snip scissors.
  • 1 cable cuff.
  • 2 rip cords.
  • Stitch markers.

Need a printed part replaced? Send us a photo of the part and we will be happy to ship you a replacement for the cost of shipping during the first 12 months.

Refurbished machines have the same warranty and support, they are just machines that have been returned to us and repaired, had parts replaced and are tested to be fully functioning

Need help using the machine? We are working on our own library of support documents and videos.

Thank you for helping us along our journey.

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