Frequently Asked CSM Questions

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What size of cylinder should I choose?

The size of your cylinders mainly determine the width of your sock, along with your tension.
The most common combinations of sizes purchased are the 54, 60 & 72 or the 60, 64 & 72.
Look at the size of feet you will be cranking for and take measurements to be sure. The average adult sock cast on with sock weight yarn is between 64 and 68 stitches, and in our experience most adult socks fit into the range of our 54 and 72 needle cylinders. Of course for heavier weight sock yarns like the Patons Kroy, sizing down your cylinder is needed. If you're truly unsure, please don't hesitate to reach out!

What weight of yarn do you recommend?

Our CSM is designed to work mainly sock weight yarns. That does not mean you cannot try to crank with heavier or lighter weight yarns however we cannot guarantee it will work out well.

Does it come with a Ribber?

Currently we are working designing a ribber attachment for our CSM, however it is a lengthily and complicated process which we have purposely not given any timeline for because our designed, Ryan, works a full time job outside of BVF and only is able to work on it during his off hours.
So please be patient and have no fear, we will be screaming it form the rooftops when it is ready!

What kind of weights do I need?

In order to use any CSM, you will need some sort of downward pressure/weight. Some crankers prefer soft weights, which we do sell separately, others prefer to use a clamp & pedestal style weight. Whichever you chose, know that you 100% need weights in order to crank.

Can I turn a heel on this CSM?

In order to turn a heel, you will need either a set of heel forks or a sweet spot.
Now, we have in the passed offered these items, but the minimum quantities make it hard to order enough to sell.
We direct our Canadian customers to Chambord and US customers to Fly Designs for these items. If you're unsure where to look in your particular area, CSM Love is a great resource for researching available retailers.

How long until my order ships?

Currently our turn around time for all orders is 1-2 weeks. I work mainly on my own, so sometimes it can take time for me to make sure everyone has everything ready for their particular order.
If you're unsure or have questions about your order please feel free to reach out.

What happens if something is missing from my order?

If this happens, first, I am SO sorry! I am human and because I work mostly alone, it can and does happen occasionally. Please email me with your order number and what is missing so I can ship it out to you as soon as I can. I try to make these kind of shipments a priority so the sooner you tell me the quicker I can get it out to you. However if you don't hear back from me within a few days or receive an order or shipping confirmation, please reach out again.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We are very proud of our warranty.
All our CSMs come with a 1 year warranty. Which means if something goes wrong and breaks we will be happy to replace it.
If it happens within the first 6 months of your order, the shipping is on us, however if it is after the first 6 months we ask that you cover the shipping costs.
Your warranty covers manufacturing defects and not accidental damage caused by user error.

What if I don't like it?

Well, of course I am sad to hear you don't like your CSM and I will do whatever I can to help you.
However if you really do not wish to keep it and it is within 30 days of delivery, you are of course able to return your CSM for a refund, minus shipping and duty costs.
Please keep in mind that refunds are only issued once your order has been returned to us and determined to be in new - like new condition.

I got a shipping confirmation but the tracking hasn't updated?

I am confident this has happened to all of us, we are so excited for our orders to arrive we stalk the tracking number. Kind of like watching a pot of water boil, it feels like it takes forever!
One of three things are probably happening if this is going on with your order.

1. Sometimes we print off shipping labels a few days before we actually ship them so we can streamline things.

2. It is a long weekend and the post office is closed and your package is being held until the next business day they are open.

3. It was missed for scanning and it will probably be caught at the next depot.

Please keep in mind that although we issue the tracking number, once it leaves our hands, we have absolutely no control over what happens to it. It becomes the property of Canada Post (and whatever postal service it is transferred to) and we are essentially (unfortunately) at their mercy.

Rest assured, if there is an issue with your order during shipping, I will do my best to find a solution for you.